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Wally Rebounder is dedicated since 2010 to providing training devices to help you train or play table tennis by yourself.

Our products will give you countless fun and exciting play day after day. Whether you want to train for competition or just simply play - Wally's here for you.

If you haven't played in awhile now there's never been a better time to start with Wally Rebounder!

Quality made in Bend, Oregon

Wally Rebounder Advanced

Wally Rebounder uses high speed ITTF approved Ping Pong rubbers including Dawei, Galaxy and 729.

These fast rubbers are for the player who is comfortable with both forehand and backhand topspin and quick play action.

This produces a very low throw angle (maybe the best in the industry) for fast advanced play action.

Our patented tripod stand and mounting system which allow for minute adjustments for tilting the board giving you unlimited degrees of difficulty.

Wally Rebounder Serving Trainer

Whether you’re competing or just want to challenge yourself the Wally Rebounder Serving trainer for ping pong / table tennis provides a systematic way to improve your service.

Keeping the ball low to the net consistently is an important part of your serve and our trainer will help you achieve this by forming a space between our “limbo bar” and the net.

With 20 levels our trainer is perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. 

Free standing, sets up in seconds and works with any table/net configuration.


Wally Rebounder

Brief video describing Wally Rebounder features and drills you can do by yourself.

Drills include: Forehand, Backhand, Forehand/Backhand Combination, Looping, Kill Shots, Service Practice, Footwork and Doubles Training.


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