The Wally Rebounder Experience

A Unique and Effective Training Tool

The Wally Rebounder is a simple yet effective tool to improve your table tennis game.  Rebound boards offer something a hitting partner or robot can't, immediate and direct feedback.  With a hitting partner they can adjust a little bit to return the ball where it needs to go, a rebound board will only return the ball to where it needs to go if you hit it properly.  A robot will send you a great ball, but while you might hit it on the other side of the table where you wanted it to go, you don't get much information about how much and the exact direction of the spin you might have put on it.  While nothing can completely replace these two tools, they are not your only option.  Rebound boards can take your game to the next level if you dedicate some time to them.  

Intermediate to Advanced Players

For intermediate and advanced players you can pretty quickly get a rally going with the Wally Rebounder, but if you add a little more tilt to the board or alternate between forehand and backhand the difficulty can be greatly increased.  Using the Wally to practice big looping shots or set it up to develop that killer forehand topspin shot.  You can use the Wally Rebounder Combo Bounder to chop and reverse to topspin.  Your imagination is really the limit as you can set up all sorts of drills using the Wally Rebounder.  

Beginning Players

The fundamentals are important to create a foundation for rapid development in your skills. Using a rebound board will not let you get away with bad form.  While the Wally Rebounder can be a big challenge for beggining players, it will pay back large dividends if you have the patience to stick with it.  For beginners, just getting the ball to return can be a challenge and a multi-ball rally can take a while to work up to.  Yet if you dedicate the time, you will be amazed at how quickly your game can improve with the use of a rebound board.