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No opponent? No coach? No problem!

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Our boards are built to last, we hand make them with ITTF approved rubbers, Birch ply backer boards and heavy duty stands. If you're an intermediate to advanced level table tennis player who wants to become stronger, faster, more accurate and more consistent in your game, there is no better tool than the Wally Rebounder return board to help you reach your goals.

Wally is fast to set up and gives you direct
and immediate feedback to fine tune your shot like no other tool can.

Let Wally take your ping pong game to the next level!

Click on this video to watch the Wally Rebounder in action!  

Drills include: Forehand, Backhand, Forehand/Backhand Combination, Looping, Kill Shots, Service Practice, Footwork, and Doubles Training

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Handmade in Austin, Texas

Each Wally is built in our "cozy" shop space by Matt and Richard.  We take our time making each board with care and attention to detail.  This is a passion business for us, passion for table tennis, passion for our customers and passion for creating.  When you email us you get us, not a help desk located far away from our business.  You get a product that we are continuously improving and tweaking to make it the best we can.  And you get a company that knows ping pong and what good practice should feel like.  We are honored to have you as our customers and will do everything we can to make you happy!