Wally Rebounder Advanced Rebounding System

Wally Rebounder is designed for the intermediate to advanced player who has already developed topspin skills. Wally Rebounder uses quality, name brand ITTF approved high-speed Table Tennis rubbers on their ping pong return boards. These fast rubbers provide quick action play.

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Wally Rebounder is free standing and lightweight allowing you to easily lift and move. Once setup, Wally Rebounder is easy to move out of the way for regular ping pong play. 

Wally Rebounder's patented mounting system allows for unlimited tilt adjustment. This is important as even small adjustments of 1/16" can make your play even more challenging.

Wally Rebounder can be moved as far back as your abilities allow. It can be angled from either side of the table by simply moving one stand forwards or backwards. 

The tripod stands allow you to increase or decrease the height of Wally Rebounder. This is important as you move Wally back further from the table it becomes necessary to increase the height.

Back of the Wally Rebounder

Our European Baltic Birch panels offer a solid foundation for our finished product. With 7 hardwood layers, this is some of the most rigid panel you can get. The smooth poly-urethane surface resists buckling and warping providing the perfect foundation for the ITTF table tennis rubbers and giving them a very realistic blocking partner feel.