Wally Rebounder

Wally Rebounder Double-Bounder

Take rebounding to the next level with our Wally Double-Bounder. Not one but two Advanced Return boards, three floor stands, and custom bracket create an unparalleled playing experience. Our patented tilting system allows each board to tilt independently. Set one board for fast low throw play while the other is set for looping style. Our tilting system allows for unlimited playing combinations.

 Our custom bracket allows the boards to be placed close together utilizing only one stand and includes a hinge so both boards can be placed either in a straight line or angled like the front of a boat. Straight boards are great for down the line play while angling the boards creates more cross play action which is great for footwork practice.

 With independent tilt and angling possibilities, the combinations of play are limitless. Additionally, this configuration allows for more random ball return so even you might find yourself surprised.


PRODUCT INCLUDES: (2) Wally Rebounder Advanced Boards, (3) Floor Stands, (1) Custom Bracket

Sale! ( was ) $359.00

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Twice the Fun

The Double Bounder combines two original Wally Rebounders into one system allowing you to work the entire table.  

Fully Adjustable

The two Wally Rebounder return boards are connected together with a hinge that allows the angle between them to be adjusted to your preferences while still allowing independant tilting of each board.